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Video Tutorial: Downloading your manual

Once you have purchased the manual under your account, you can go to your Account Portal to download it (or you can view the email sent to you). Remember that you will need to register the account first then login and purchase the manual while in that account; otherwise you will end up putting the manual into a separate unregistered account. This is the same process when done on the computer.

Email download link

You can also access download link via your email receipt once your order has been marked completed (which is immediately after payment). See the screenshot below of which link to click to download:

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Refunds & Asking for help

We have updated our refund policy,
CLICK HERE to read before purchasing.

We would highly recommend that you read the terms and conditions (which includes the refund policy) before you purchase our manuals to avoid any disappointments. In a situation (such as below) it can be really frustrating for both parties to deal with, if you haven’t read the terms and conditions prior to purchasing and paying for a manual from our website.

Sample situation:
The customer has not been able to download their manual file after 2 weeks of purchasing. They have contacted us after 2 weeks saying, “I have not been able to download this file. I don’t want to have to give you a bad review and get my money back so please look into this”. Upon checking the problem, we then fixed our error on our end and the customer has now been able to download the file. The problem has now been solved.

If you are having any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us because we are more than happy to help and fix the problem. Please don’t wait until 2 weeks and until you have a built up frustration to contact us for help. Please don’t tell us that you will give a bad review over something that can easily be fixed (obviously let us know first then if problem is not resolved, send in the bad review). Please don’t tell us that you will demand for a refund if nothing has been fixed because this just tells us that you did not read our terms and conditions. Please contact us immediately if you are having any issues with your purchase because we are here to help!

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NEW: Physical copies

We have recently added physical copies of manuals that will be available to purchase via eBay. We can post them to you everywhere in the world with a few costs to cover the postage fees. You can view them all directly via eBay or the website’s categories page.

Category: Physical Copies

click HERE to view more via categories

click HERE to view via eBay

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Customer reviews

We have recently implemented a customer and product review system where you, as a buyer, can leave a review about the purchased product and your overall review of our service. You must purchase a manual from us to be able to leave any review. We would appreciate your honest review about our service once you have purchased one of our manual. You will also be eligible for a 10% discount after you have submitted your review.