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Quite often I get requests for wsm`s for the Chamberlain C670 & the C6100. Personally over the last 20 yrs I have yet to see a paper wsm for these tractors.i think this is because by this time JD owned Chamberlain industries, Knowing JD as I do , its not surprising to me that there never were paper wsm`s for these 2 tractors, There were manuals on micro fiche for dealers, but I never managed to find a method to digitize such manuals.But all is not lost …Again just a personal view, I think both tractors were cobbled together to use up the parts Chamberlain industries had on hand Both the 70& the 100 are much the same , based on the Chamberlain 306 & the 354 tractors ,You could say the C670 is an update of the Chamberlain 306 & the C6100 is the update of the Chamberlain 354. The 70 having the Perkins 306 engine and the 100 the Perkins 354 engine. So if you want to work on the 70 or the 100, then use manuals for the 306 or the 354… hope this helps someone

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