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After the well known Fordson kero tractor,with its sibling powered by the P6 Perkins engine came the NEW Fordson powered by its own Ford engine …engine titted in the New Fordson Major Tractor has a bore diameter of 100 mm, and a stroke of 115 mm.
Overhead valves are employed operated by push rods from a gear driven camshaft located in the right-hand side of the cylinder block. The compression ratio is 16 to 1.
The valves are fitted vertically in the cylinder head, the inlet valve head being larger than the exhaust. The valve guides are replaceable.
Aluminium alloy pistons are employed with a combustion chamber machined in the crowns and have three compression rings and one oil ring above the piston pm and one oil control ring below the piston pm. The piston pins are fully floating and are retained in position by two circlips.
Detachable wet cylinder liners are fitted, flange-mounted in the top face of the cylinder block and retained in position by the cylinder head.
The crankshaft is supported in five large diameter mam bearings. These bearings and the connecting rod big end bearings are of the detachable steel-backed lead-bronze type. Crankshaft end-float is controlled by detachable thrust washers fitted at each side of the centre main bearing.
An enclosed camshaft type fuel injection pump is driven from the rear end of the auxiliary drive shaft and feeds multi-holed type injectors located at an angle in the top of the cylinder head.
The engine speed is controlled by a pneumatic governor mounted on the fuel injection pump. An excess fuel device is fitted to assist cold starting.
On current engines rotator type exhaust valves are fitted. A cap located over the end of the valve stem transmits pressure from the rocker lever to the spring retainer and valve spring. This anion allows the valve to remain free throughout its operating cycle.
A decompressor, operating on all valves, was fitted to early type engines. On current engines this is optional equipment.

A Sincere Note From Us:

This blog post was written by our late founder, Don. If you would like to read more, click here.
We will add more old posts written by Don in the future as a dedication for him.

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