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Rest in peace, Don.

On the 27th of February, the owner of the website, Don, has passed away unexpectedly. He has been unable to work with this website for a very long time due to his condition. This has been the main reason why he has been unable to send the manuals to you and was unable to reply to your emails.

What is going to happen next? This website will be revamped in the next few weeks to provide an easier way for you to buy the manuals.

How about the manual I just bought from this website? I will be trying my best to reply to you via Don’s email and will send the manual file to you as soon as possible. I apologise for any inconvenience, it has been a very tough time.
If you would like a refund… please let me know or you may file a case via Paypal.

If you have been waiting for the manual to be sent to you… please email me again and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

How come it has taken this long for you to respond? I apologise for any inconvenience regarding your purchase via this website. Don has been unable to see properly to be able to care for this business. He was extremely ill as well. Don was the only manager of this website and did not appoint anyone else to take care of it once he got sick. He thought that he will be able to recover quickly to tend for this website.

We are in the process of sending the manuals as soon as possible. Please message us with your paypal email address so we can find your payment and send the manuals as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

We are currently making changes to our website so you’ll be unable to purchase any of the manuals. Please bear with us.

While we are doing this, we will also be sending your manuals. Apologies for any delays.