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Allis-chalmers Hd-7w yr 1942 service manual: A Snippet

DESCRIPTION (figs. 1 to 10).
a. General. This tractor is of the crawler or track-laying type and
may be used for either highway or cross country travel even under the
difficult operating conditions presented by mountains, swamps, sand, or
unbridged ditches. Because of its relatively low center of gravity, the
tractor can easily climb slopes as steep as 30 degrees depending on the
kind of footing available and the load being pulled.

b. Engine. Power is supplied by a water-cooled, 3-cylinder, valve-
in-head, 2-cycle Diesel engine. A multiple speed transmission is used,

offering 4 forward speeds ranging from 2.64 miles per hour to 8.35 miles
per hour and a reverse speed of 3.14 miles per hour at full throttle

engine speed. The fuel tank has a capacity of 120 gallons which per-
mits about 20 hours of operation without refueling.

c. Steering. Steering is accomplished by means of steering clutches
operated by 2 levers mounted in the center of the tractor within easy

reach of the operator. Each lever controls a multiple disk steering
clutch through which power is delivered from the transmission to the
drive sprockets.
d. Seat. The seat has removable cushions and safety straps and will
accommodate the operator and one other man.
e. Winch. The winch is mounted on the front of the tractor and is
driven by a reversible power take-off from the tractor transmission.
A control lever for the power take-off is just ahead of the seat and in
easy reach of the operator.

f. Equipment. Equipment on the tractor includes batteries, elec-
tric starter, generator, lights, mile meter (odometer), engine air heater

and engine preheater for cold weather starting, fire extinguisher, snatch
block, tow chain, and loose tools.
g. Tractor and Engine Numbers. The serial number of the tractor
is stamped on the master clutch inspection cover, and also on the rear

Allis-Chalmers Manuals

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Caterpillar 2-Ton: A snippet

Caterpillar 2-Ton Tractor

“CATERPILLAR” 2-TON TRACTOR INAD THE 2-Ton, like the other models of the “Caterpillar” Tractor, is designed and built, not to meet a price, but to the highest standards of design, material and construction. All shafts and gears are of high grade steels. Clutch plates are of saw steel. Roller frames are steel castings. Throughout the tractor extensive use is made of anti-friction bearings.

The 2-Ton is built entirely in the “Caterpillar” plants—in the most modern, well-equipped factories, by skilled workmen. Rigid inspection is made, not only of the finished tractor and of the work in various stages of its progress, but also of the raw materials. Among the 2-Ton’s foremost features is its wide range of utility. It is small enough to work almost anywhere—only 58 inches high and 52 inches wide.

Its three forward speeds adapt it for a great variety of operations. Its liberal power enables it to do subsoiling, chiseling and other heavy work that is beyond the limits of the ordinary small tractor’s capacity. Another of the 2-Ton’s features is the simplicity of its unit construction. There are but three units to the entire machine….

Caterpillar Tractor Manuals

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